About Me

My name is Natalie Fullmer and I am a Blogger and offer Virtual Assistant Services. If you need a quick summary of skill sets immediately, please scroll down for my Skills Set Snapshot!

The website you are currently on is my portfolio advertising these services.  I also have a website which is my main blog or "sandbox" as I call it.    My website blog, http://contentwithsimple.com, focuses on discovering ways to being more content with life and determining steps we can take towards a more wonderful, simplistic life! 

I'd like to take this opportunity now to focus on how my services can help YOU succeed in your growing business.  I'll start with my professional background and then finish off with my present skills so you can determine if we are a good fit!  

Twenty plus years ago, I began my corporate career in the IT healthcare industry, only by accident. I had just finished my Paralegal Studies degree and was looking for a law firm to hire me. I decided to sign up with a temporary agency assuming they would place me in a law firm long-term, but instead, they placed me in an administrative office for a hospital.

Within three months, they hired me full-time as a Biller Clerk using billing software from a clearinghouse. I worked there for years until getting promoted to Billing Supervisor. Within a year or so, I wanted to expand my career and was offered a job at a clearinghouse that sold the billing software I had expertise in.

At the clearinghouse, within a year there were layoffs happening at our small office so I decided to find another job and attended a career fair.  I was blessed to get hired by a health insurance company within their IT department and that's when my career soared!  I went from a business analyst in their Tech Front Desk department to working in their IT e-commerce department as a Sr. Business Analyst and then promoted to a Project Manager. 

After a year or so, I became pregnant with my daughter so I went down to part time, working remotely one day at home and in the office three days a week.  Two years later, my son was born so my husband and I decided it was time for me to stay home and raise her children for a few years.

Time passed quickly and soon my daughter was coming upon school-age.  I had researched homeschooling extensively and discovered it was a challenge I was excited to pursue.

Combining my love for learning, past training opportunities, and organizational skills, I homeschooled both kids for several years. Initially, I went from "boxed" curriculum in the younger years but over time I became eclectic using their learning styles and our minimalist approach as a guideline.

In the meantime throughout my stay at home season, I created a website using HTML to post my daughter's pics, took a grant writing job on the side, and worked for an Educational Institute creating transcripts, editing videos, and setting up live streaming classes.

Last year around August of 2016, I noticed the kids were more independent with their own education and had some spare time to work remotely. My goal was to help others grow their businesses so I decided to launch my virtual assistant career, combining my tech and organizing skill sets.   It was perfect for my lifestyle, skills, and strengths. 

During this time, I built my websites immersing myself in learning as possible, using my past knowledge in the tech industry.  I was hired to build another website for a small business client and shortly after an e-commerce company hired me to assist in their tech department. 

Within several months, I gained even more experience in WordPress, WooCommerce, testing products, memberships, Affiliate Pro, and Marapost, managing Basecamp tech tasks, and lastly performing various asset-type tasks.

Maintaining my website has taught me even more than I could possibly imagine. I've learned about so many applications and tools to help grow businesses online, been able to troubleshoot problems with my own website and discovered a love again for writing using my previous journal writing background.

My ultimate goal is to help other businesses online succeed and grow.  In order to make that happen,  I want to provide my services in any capacity possible.  I have listed my services below but please contact me if your request isn't listed.  Please also review my website at http://nataliefullmer.com and http://contentwithsimple.com for additional information. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me by selecting the button "Contact Me" below or directly at contact@nataliefullmer.comMy reasonable hourly rate is based on your requirements with a minimum of 5 hours of week for at least 30 days.  Thank you and look forward to hearing from you.  Many blessings to you!







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