Independence during busy times

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I love the independence during busy times when I’m working remotely at home.  It gives me the freedom I love while ramping up my techy skill sets.

What have I been doing since my post in September?  Teaching my kids and myself to be independent!  Each morning, I get up after reading and write on my own white board hanging on my wall the high-level goals for the day.  Some goals are personal, others are for work related items.   Next, I put in a load of laundry and unload/load the dishwasher.  I get my cup of tea ready and run downstairs to write out their daily schoolwork before waking them up at 8:15.

Once I get my elementary aged and middle school child up, they are responsible for making their own breakfast, getting dressed and brushing their teeth after making the bed.   Our plan is to start their home studies by 8:30am.

At this point, I have now executed the daily task list on the school room white board.  The kids practice their instruments for a half hour and then its downstairs to the school room.  We sit together to go over the week ahead, read together and go over any questions before I head off to my own tasks to complete.  It’s actually my favorite time of the day.  I call it “table time”.

Why?  This is the time we have interesting discussions on anything imaginable.   I don’t want them to hate learning.  I want them to love it and part of the process is listening to their thoughts and experiences.  I am so thankful I have this time with my children.  We may talk about what our activities entail that day or why is Age of Fable so hard to read.

By noon, if all goes as planned, we are finished with our educational schedule.  The kids get their own lunch while I work on my projects and possibly a newly discovered technical tool.   I may even join them for lunch before I settle into my business chair.

By 4pm, it’s time to start thinking about dinner or head out to ice skating.  If it’s not ice skating, it’s swim time!  Our weekday evenings are quite busy in late fall through winter with kid activities but its enjoyable watching them reach a goal or pass another level.    On weekends, we make it a priority to have down time on Saturday and Sunday evenings after church.

I love my kids.  They are so special to me and my priority in life.  At this stage in their own lives, they don’t need mommy to make them lunch or pick out their clothes. They don’t need mommy to teach them the alphabet or learn how to read.  They need their mother to guide and advise them on the way they should go.  I am thankful I can still be at home while I make an extra income during these times while they are independently learning and growing into their own selves.   Teaching continues into all phases of our existence, whether we are the student or we are the teacher.  We should be learning something new every day, whether we are children or adults!

Too often we give children answers to remember rather than problems to solve.
~ Roger Lewin ~



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